ANUBHUTI 2017, an event on Madan Mohanji received with warm appreciation
28 July 2017

The Mitra Foundation of Pune organized ANUBHUTI at the National Film Archives Theatre in Pune on Sunday 23 July. Madan Mohanji admirers enjoyed the event immensely, including the audio visual, A JOURNEY THROUGH HIS TIMELESS MUSIC as well as the interaction with his son Sanjeev Kohli, who shared rare memories of his father during a conversation with Rajeshree Gokhale.


Mitra Foundation had also done similar events in 2015 and 2016, with much appreciation from music lovers, they organized yet another this year.

Many messages of appreciation were received by the organizers. Below is a excerpt of just one of the many reactions from a member of the audience, Geeta Singh.

“It was a great privilege and honour for us to be present at Anubhuti, which wasn't just an experience, but a memory to last a lifetime!

Madan Mohanji was truly the strongest magnet that brought us all together from different parts of the city, amidst the monsoons, connected by the universal bond of music. I was captivated in the audio-visual delight that was unfolding before me, I couldn't help but hear the collective "Aaahs" of the audience in wonder and awe of the magician Madan Mohanji's masterpieces. Each one seemingly better than the previous! Usually, we can have only one favourite, but Madanji's compositions are an exception to this norm! Each piece was everyone's favourite!

Last evening's event was magical. For a while I felt like I was transported to that Golden Era and was in the company of all the greats and legends. And the presence of Sanjeev Kohliji made the experience akin to that of being invited to his very own "Deewan-e-Khaas" where we all felt up, close and personal to the maestro himself!

On a more personal front I feel, especially for artists that once they create, nurture and deliver a piece of art it should be then left at the lotus feet of God who has his strange and enigmatic ways of rewarding us with much more than we could ever fathom! I truly believe that Madan Mohanji was God's favourite instrument who has become immortal and shall live on in our hearts for generations to come!”