1 March 2017

Humko Mileen Hain Aaj Yeh Ghadiyaan Naseeb Se

92.7 BIG FM conducted a poll on the favourite songs in their series HIT THHE HIT RAHENGE. Listeners voted for this poll conducted over various days.

LAGJA GALE, from WOH KAUN THI (1964) was an overwhelming favourite. BIG FM declared this a few days ago and awarded Madanji posthoumously for his composition that sounds so fresh even after 54 years when originally recorded.

While it has a stunning composition, it is the poignant lyrics by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan Saab, the outstanding rendition by Lataji, and the wonderful picturisation by director Raj Khoslaji (who had initially rejected the tune), with excellent performance by Sadhanaji, that have lent to the song’s endurance. All share this credit with Madanji, who missed out on getting any popular award in his lifetime, including for this film when he was the favourite to win. While the golden era has given us so many memorable gems, some of them survive the test of time and transcend all age groups, and all seasons.


The song can be heard in the video link below