LAGJA GALE CONTINUES TO ENTHRALL MUSIC LOVERS - an Instrumental performance by Havana Band
11 January 2019

Madanji’s composition from WOH KAUN THI (1964) recorded over 55 years ago is still loved by all listeners and musicians alike.

Ironically, it was initially rejected when the film’s director, Raj Khosla first heard it and was recorded only after Madanji convinced him of its potential.

Recently, “Lagja Gale” has been one of the most heard and viewed songs of its era on YouTube, most favourite song of the golden era on Radio channels, as well as continues to be used and referred to in new films, TV serials and musical shows.

Such is the appreciation for the haunting melody that many foreign musicians play it and thus amplify that a melody is not confined to a period of time and can have universal appeal.

The HAVANA BAND, a group of lady instrumentalists have performed the melody with their own nuances and interpretations in this video.