Maa Hai Mohabbat Ka Naam
24 April 2012

A tribute to our mother Sheila through this song by Rafi Saab

To each of us, our mothers are most precious. For those who may have lost their mother, the indelible memories are most precious.

Madanji had composed two very melodious songs as tributes to all mothers. Both were written so masterly by Kaifi Azmi, but both are rarely heard, as their films were small budget and unsuccessful.

One of them, AAO AAO TUMHEN BATAAOON KE MAA KYA HAI, (GHAR KA CHIRAG -1967), sung so emotionally by Lataji, is the sentiment of a child bereft of his mother.

The second, MAA HAI MOHABBAT KA NAAM, (MAA KA AANCHAL - 1970), sung beautifully by Rafi Saab, is a salute to all mothers.

This song featured in the titles of the film. However, we have added visuals as a tribute to our dearest mother, SHEILA, who passed away in 1980 at the young age of 51, within a few years of Madanji's demise.

These are pictures of Sheilaji with Madanji, and their three children, Sangeeta, Sanjeev and Sameer, over the years, as well as with some of her close friends.

A rare song through rare pictures of Madanji’s family.