TALAT AZIZ – a tribute to MADAN MOHANji
21 July 2021

Talat Aziz, the celebrated and much loved ghazal virtuoso, has been a shagird of Mehdi Hassan Saab. However, he also has an affinity for melodious film music, and among our legendary composers he has regard for is Madan Mohanji, especially his film ghazal compositions. Madanji’s son, Sanjeev, had the good fortune to work closely with Talat for several years during which they produced many successful albums beginning with his debut in 1979 with the album, Jagjit Singh presents Talat Aziz.

He recently has very successfully started Talat Aziz online classes, in which he is training many talented singers from all over the world, to keep the ghazal singing tradition alive in future. The website is worth a visit to check out how he is contributing to the younger generation. https://www.talataziz.com/online-music-classes/

Occasionally he renders a song before explaining its nuances to his students. He recently shared his rendition of the ghazal Tumhari Zulf Ke Saaye Mein Shaam Karloonga, a Rafi Saab sung, Kaifi Azmi penned composition of Madanji from NAUNIHAL. This is a casual rendition done at home as a tribute.



Also in the video below, is an example of how he explains details of compositions to his students.. we can hear him sharing special nuances of Aaj Socha To Aansoo Bhar Aaye, the Lataji sung, Kaifi Azmi penned and Madanji composed song from HANSTE ZAKHM.

AAJ SOCHA TO AANSOO BHAR AAYE.. music lesson by Talat Aziz