DIL DHOONDTA HAI - MADAN MOHAN, held in Pune on 12 MARCH 2023
15 March 2023

MITRA FOUNDATION of Pune hosted DIL DHOONDTA HAI, presented by Sanjeev Kohli, on 12 March at the Sakaal Lalit Kala Ghar. This was also presented earlier by them in Pune for three consecutive years from 2015 to 2017.

The three- and half-hour event featured in the first half, a 80 min audio visual, A Journey through his timeless music, created by Sanjeev.

The second half featured a 2-hour presentation of Sanjeev’s narration of highlights of his legendary father’s musical journey, as well as many rare anecdotes of the making of some of his iconic songs, and personal memories associated with Madanji and his many legendary colleagues. The entire presentation was embellished with rare and interesting visuals throughout. This part was conducted by anchor, Rajeshree Gokhale as a Q&A with Sanjeev.

The 550 strong capacity audience enjoyed the presentation in rapt attention till the very end, and gave a standing ovation.

Some early reactions are reproduced below:

Yesterday day watched the show. Am speechless. Although i had watched it in 2016 but this time it blew my mind. So many emotions, so much hard work & such a dedication can only be shown by a true son like Sanjeev ji. I still am mesmerized. It was so so overwhelming I sometimes could not stop my tears. Great job Sanjeev ji .I as Madan Mohan ji fan am feeling so lucky & proud being a part of this group. All those who hv missed it plz watch it as & when it is screened next. It will give u an insight of what Madan Mohan ji actually was as a composer & as a human being. Once again must congratulate Sanjeev ji for such an excellent piece of work. Keep going we as fans are always with you.

Yesterday's 'Dil Dhoondata hai' program was just excellent, it was a great treat for Madanji's fans like me. Four hours, how passed away, we just could not notice. The program was so nicely chalked out that it was a well-remembered event in the lifetime. Hearty thanks to Sanjeevji and Mitra foundation.

My wife Dr Kanan and I wish to convey our deep sense of appreciation and gratitude for inviting us to Madan Mohanji’s retro and biopic at Pune. It was brilliantly compiled, explained and presented. However, 3.5 hrs is never enough to cover a musical genius’s life time of outstanding and unmatched work so people like us would never be satisfied. However, we look forward to such an event happening in mumbai as well in near future so that we can recommend our many of our friends who are avid lovers of Madanji’s compositions. Once again thank you for the opportunity given to us. We thoroughly enjoyed it. As I had predicted and shared with you that it would be impossible to not find any program on Madan Mohanji not interesting. If there is any way I could be of help to promote Madanji’s timeless music, I would feel most privileged.

Sanjeevji, a son cannot possibly do anything more than what you have done by actively getting involved in each and every aspect of designing and participating in this kind of a grand & spectacular showmanship which only Raj Kapoor Sahab was capable of. Your dedication was clearly evident each and every second you were there on and off stage.

A REVIEW in a blog by Pratima