30 May 2014

MITHAAS and LEARNQUEST organized a memorable event dedicated to Madan Mohanji’s melodies on 24 MAY 2014 in Boston at the Kresge Auditorium, Cambridge.

The driving force behind the event, Prashanth Palakurthi, spared no effort to make it an evening to remember.

The presence of Madan Mohanji’s daughter, Sangeeta Kohli Gupta, and granddaughter, Suhasini, added a poignant touch to the melodious evening.


The very talented Anuradha Palakurthi, led a wonderful team of singers and musicians and their performances left the packed audience spellbound. The reactions of all present to the repertoire, performances, the flawless production and also the well-executed video presentations, interspersed with commentary by music luminaries and Madanji himself, was amazing. Ameen Sayani sent a specially recorded byte for the occasion.


The impact of the event can best be summarized by some of the reactions and messages the organizers received from music lovers after the concert was over.

Excerpts of some of these are reproduced below:

MIT is requesting damage charges for 250 million dollars from the event on May 24th. We have never seen and event like this and you brought the house down. Now we need to build a new one.

Just attended a fantastic show on Madan Mohan by Anuradha Palakurthi. Flawless execution by Kamlesh Bhadkamkar & his team. Super sound by Aditya V Oke. Musicians were outstanding - Shruti Bhave-Padhye, Nilesh Parab, Datta Tawade, Archis Lele, Sagar Sathe, Amogh Dandekar & Prasad Gondkar. But the surprise package was the singers led by Anuradha ji. Mithilesh Vishwas Patankar is a genius musician! After a long time heard a terrific rendition of Kaun Aaya Mere Man Ke Dvaare!
- Kaushal Inamdar

There are three ways to make a show memorable. 1) Artist, 2) the Audience. 3) Stage Management. Artist: the whole team of singers carried the audience with them and specially Anuradha who has developed a versatility which is very rare to be seen in artist. Every song she sang needed a different mood, a different modulation and it came right from her heart. She was so much into the song that every song was mesmerizing and soul enriching to make the audience soaked in the heavenly bliss. Audience: The success of the show can be defined by one example. When there was a short time gap between the singers, can you imagine a very unusual phenomena took place in the auditorium. The audience was sitting silent as if they were still into that song. What a beautiful artists and audience connection. Stage management: WOW for the stage. A semi circular raised stage blended with the backdrop, on the screen display with the dim light producing the silhouette effect of the artists, the soft and pleasing to eyes the light effect synchronized with the song situation needs a real dreamer to set up that dreamland on the stage.
- Suresh Sharma, a veteran organizer of Indian shows


Your Music Event was excellent. It gave soul to our community, wings to our mind, flight to our imagination and life to all of us. Your organization & presentation was superb. Thanks for including us as part of this event.
- Kishor & Jigisha Mehta

Lights, live music, performance, choreography and MC by Mr. Madan Mohan himself was "insanely" awesome!! Congratulations on arranging the event. It is a "game changer" event in the Boston region. It was simply a "major league event".
- Nagendra Bhanu

Congrats on pulling off an amazing evening!! Anuradha's flawless singing, the sheer calibre of the accompaniments, the aptness of the visuals, the tastefulness of the transitions, the heartfelt nature of the final remarks, your authentic hospitality, the warmth of the whole evening... it was perfect, absolutely perfect!
- Rama Ramakrishnan

WOW! What a show! What a lot of work! What a lot of excellent music! What a lot of beautiful singing! What a great band! What a wonderful format with the commentaries between numbers! What a devoted, captive audience! What a superb contribution to all our lives!

After hearing "Naina Barase," I said, "Great opening, but that's gonna be a very tough act to follow."

But follow you did, with great song after great song, all delivered with incredible charm and melody, and such good singing by everyone—especially Anuradha. Sustained excellence throughout the show. I "knew" most of the songs, but they were very alive and fresh, and to have the original arrangements played by the fantastic Bollywood Band was a treat we're not likely to hear again.

Rejoice in a huge job not only well done, but over-the-top in the presentation of the superb music of Madan Mohan.

- George Ruckett MIT Music Program: Faculty/Staff


It is heartwarming, as always, that admirers all over the world still remember and enjoy the melodies of our golden era, and Madanji’s songs are still enjoyed at such events.

We thank the organizers, the performers and all those who attended the show for further perpetuating the golden era.

- The MADAN MOHAN Family