SANNIDHYA presents a Tribute to MADAN MOHANJI on SUNDAY 20 JUNE 2021
14 June 2021

Sannidhya, a London based group, is presenting an online tribute event on Madanji’s music.

The online event will be featured on Zoom and Facebook, at 3:00pm BST [London time] and 7:30pm IST [in India].

World renowned artiste, Anup Jalotaji will be the Chief Guest for the event during which Madanji’s songs will be performed by young singers like Ansmita Ghosh, Rajan Shegunshi and Uttara Sukanya Joshi.

Veteran music composer Pandit Vishwa Prakash, (nephew of renowned Khemchand Prakash of  'Aayega aane wala fame' and social historian Dr. Kusum Pant Joshi will comment and also sing in the programme. Film writer Raajeev Shrivaastav and Vibhakar Bakshi of Navaras Records will also comment on Madan Mohanji’s excellence in ghazal composition.

Film historian, documentary filmmaker and Director Sannidhya, Lalit Mohan Joshi will highlight the life and works of Madan Mohanji as well as anchor the programme.

Subsequently, the organizers shared the programme on YouTube, and the same can be viewed in the link below: