An interview with Sangeeta Gupta in Navhind Times, Goa
15 June, 2019
The Entertainment Society of Goa presented a Madan Mohan Retrospective in GOA
13 June, 2019
A tribute article on MADANJI -
11 March, 2019
ARTICLE in 'THE QUINT' on MADANJI's iconic song, LAGJA GALE SE, including responses by Sanjeev Kohli
July, 2018
Recent Article on MADANJI in THE HINDU
April, 2018
Review of Boston Concert Event
May, 2014
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Review of Tribute Concert In Bhopal
July, 2013
Review of Tribute Concert In Indore
July, 2013
Review of concert, Timeless Melodies, Madan Mohan, held in Chennai
21 June, 2013
Ameen Sayani remembers Madan Mohanji in recent article in Filmfare
Filmfare, 10 April, 2013
Filmfare, 10 April, 2013
Filmfare article on Madanji including an interview with his son, Sanjeev Kohli
Filmfare, 14 September, 2011
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The Hindu, 24 June, 2011
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A. R. Rahman's tribute to Madanji
Filmfare, 6 July, 2011
Musical genius beyond compare - Tish Kumar Malhotra
The Statesman, 14 April, 2011
Kishore Kumar Once More, The Late artiste's unheard track releases on 23rd death anniversary.
HT Cafe, 12 October, 2010
Kishore's never-heard song to grace internet
Deccan Herald, 11 October, 2010
The Khazana Festival 2009 was a tribute to the Memory of Madanji.
Bombay Times, 27 July, 2009
In Memory of Madan Mohan
Mumbai Mirror, 23 July, 2009
Khazana Festival of Ghazals - 2009 dedicated to The Late Madan Mohan
Bombay Times, 21 July, 2009
'Yaad Jab Aye Teri' - Rajkumar Keswani
Dainik Bhaskar, 19 July, 2009
Manmohak Madhur Sangeetna Baadshah Madan Mohan (An article in Gujarati, which appeared on 5 July 2009)
Madhuvan, 5 July, 2009
'Mein Ka Se Kahu Peer Apne Jiya Ki' - Rajkumar Keswani
Dainik Bhaskar, 12 July, 2009
A Father's legacy lives on...
Bombay Times, 21 June, 2009
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Society, June, 2009
A stroll down the musical memory lane
Indian Express, December, 2008
Dignified tribute
The Hindu, 12 December, 2008
Sound Choices - Harsh Bhogle
Hindustan Times, 14 July, 2008
Straight Talk
Stardust, August, 2007
Madan Mohan - Lata Combination was a confluence between heart and soul of melody
Complete Cinema, 23 July, 2005
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The Telegraph, 15 July, 2005
Legends never die - Subhash K. Jha
Mumbai Mirror, 14 July, 2005
A Maestro Remembered
Screen India, 6 July, 2007
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Bahaarein Humko Dhoondegi
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Na Tum Bewafa Ho, Na Hum Bewafa Hain
Chauta Sansar, 29 October, 2000
The creater of flawless gems - by Subhash K.Jha
Financial Express, 03 September, 2000
HMV immortalises Madan Mohan
Moviemag International, August, 2000
His Music Touched My Soul - Lata Mangeshkar
Filmfare, July, 2000
Tu Jahan Jahan Chalega... Raju Bharatan
Mid-Day, 14 July, 1999
In the name of the father
Filmfare, December, 1997
A Son remembers - Sanjeev Kohli
The Hindu, 2001
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Screen Channel , 14 July, 1995
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The Hindu,, 22 June, 1990
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Sunday Mid-Day , 04 August, 1985
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Screen, 18 July, 1975
Prince of Composers
Evening News of India, 15 July, 1975
A Letter to Madan Mohan
Madan Mohan Creator of Eternal melody - Nitish S. Rele
July, 1983
Ghazalon Ke Baadshah Madan Mohan (An article in Hindi, which appeared on Madanji's 5th death anniversary)
Madhuri, 1980
Madan Mohan the Prince of Composers - Nitish S. Rele
We need many more Madan Mohan's today - Siraj Syed
Madan's Forgotton Melodies Arvind Dhurandhar
Sportscine, Nov/Dec 1975
Article on Madanji published in the Bengali Social-Cinema magazine 'Anandolok' (Anandabazar Patrika Group)
Anandolok, 1975
Film Folk - Ameen Sayani
The Pointer, 15 July 1963
Article by Madanji in Filmfare Oct 1959
Filmfare, 09 October, 1959
Film Profile, Melody Maker - Madan Mohan
Filmfare, 1954