The Making of "Aaya Tere Dar Par Dewaana" (VEER-ZAARA 2004)
30 August 2011

During the making of the film, Yashji felt he needed a short qawalli for a dramatic situation... and by sheer chance, we found some unused qawalli tunes Madanji had composed for Laila Majnu, one of his biggest hits released in 1976. The originals were Madanji’s options for the dargah situation songs in Laila Majnu..., ‘Tere Dar Pe Aaya Hoon‘ and ‘Hoke Mayoos Tere Dar Se Sawaali Na Gaya’. He had written the dummy words ‘Aaka Meri Jholi Bhara dena’, and ‘Daata Tere Darse Koi Sawaali Khali Na Gaya’ respectively for these two options. And amazingly, the tunes just seemed to be made for the new film 30 years later. While Yashji needed only one tune, since he liked both the Madanji compositions, he decided to extend the song duration and thus the two different tunes were combined, to heighten the drama in the film. It begins with the slower tune and then moves to the faster tune... it was indeed a challenge to recreate. Javed Akhtar wrote fresh lyrics to the two different tunes, but the same thought was used... ‘Aaya Tere Dar Pe Deewana’.

Ahmed and Mohd. Hussain, well known ghazal singers, led this qawalli and were joined by young singers Mohd. Vakil and Javed Hussain this was the first film song for these very talented artistes.

The qawalli in Veer-Zaara appears in two different parts in the film.

View the Video of the Making of "Aaya Tere Dar Par Dewaana" (VEER-ZAARA)

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