The Making of "Lo Aa Gayi Lodi" (VEER-ZAARA 2004)
30 August 2011

Veer-Zaara required a Punjabi folk based song in celebration of the festival of ‘LOHRI’ (Lodi), where the main characters are having a fun based ‘nok-jhonk’.

It was indeed a challenge as there was no specific single tune that could encapsulate the many antras and much layered song. Various unused tunes were combined to create this many dimensional song.

The main chorus refrain ‘Lo Aa Gayi Lodi Ve’ was based on a catchy tune Madanji had earlier used for a chorus based situational dance song in HEER RANJHA (1970) as it was found most apt for the oft repeated chorus.

The main male portion, sung by Gurdas Mann for Amitabhji was based on an alternative tune Madanji had made for the MAUSAM song, ‘Chhadi Re Chhadi’ in 1974. The main female part, sung by Lataji for Hemaji, was based on a semi classical tune Madanji had made for Lataji in mid 50s, which had remained unrecorded then.

The antras were further based on different unused tunes, while each interlude was based on yet another tune. In actuality at least 6 to 7 different tunes were used to create this song and the ‘nok jhonk‘ element between the characters played by Amitabhji and Hemaji, was brought in by Javed Akhtar, while retaining the essence of Punjabi folk for the main song.

We can hear the various original tunes in Madanji’s voice in the Making of ‘Lo Aa Gayi Lodi Ve’ while composing the tune used in the chorus part, in 1969, Madanji can also be heard asking, “Kaisa lag raha hai?”

View the Video of the Making of "Lo Aa Gayi Lodi" (VEER-ZAARA)

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