The Making of “Yeh Hum Aa Gaye Hain Kahaan” (VEER-ZAARA - 2004)

A romantic duet with picturesque locations was a hallmark in Yashji films. He wanted a dream sequence as a flashback, of Veer and Zaara for which a duet was to be recorded.

We found a suitable tune made by Madanji in the 50s, which he had sung as ‘Bahaaron ka sama hai, nazaron ka sama hai’. This was treated with modern arrangements to become the dream sequence in the second half of the film, and sung by Lataji and Udit Narayan.

If we carefully listen to the second interlude in the 3 antra song, we can hear Madanji singing an alternative tune he had made for Dil Dhoondta Hai (MAUSAM - 1975) the duet version.

Only two of the 3 antras were filmed partially in Switzerland, and were positioned in the court room scenes when Veer goes into a flashback mode, remembering his beloved Zaara.

However when the film was ready it was already considered very long and this song was thus deleted from the final prints. So the song, though included in CDs, was not in the film. However in the subsequent DVD release, it was featured in the ‘deleted scenes’.

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