The Making of "Do Pal" (VEER-ZAARA 2004)
15 June 2011

‘Do Pal‘ was to be a background song for Veer-Zaara in two parts and needed a haunting melody that would linger as well as form part of the background score.

Madanji had composed, in the early sixties, on piano, a romantic melody and its sad version. The sad version was loved by all for its emotional notes and became the tune for Do Pal. We do not have this tune sung by Madanji but only as played by him on piano.

A violin riff became the signature for the song, while the intro and finale alaaps were based on yet another unused tune of Madanji. Both the interludes were based on the same melody, yet another unused haunting melody of Madanji. It was used in one interlude as an alaap, and the other on the sitar, Madanji’s favourite instrument.

Lataji, of course, was to sing the song, which has been composed for her decades ago, while Sonu Nigam was selected for the male part, as it needed a soft and very emotive rendition, particularly for the male part based on the character of Veer.

This song, along with Tere Liye, formed the two theme ballads of the film which brought out the eternal romance of the lead pair, Veer-Zaara.

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