The Making of "Kyon Hawa Aaj Yun Gaa Rahi Hai" (VEER-ZAARA 2004)
30 August 2011

For the titles of the film, Yashji wanted to create a dream world for Veer, played by Shah Rukh Khan.

Madanji had composed a tune with dummy words Guzar Jo Gaya Main Kahin Se, meant to be a sad haunting tune. When this tune was presented as a dummy to Yashji by Sanjeev Kohli, he had written the dummy words to it, as, "Yun Hawa Aaj Kyun Gaa Rahi Hai", instinctively adapting it to a song of nature and waiting for one's beloved.

Lyricist Javed Akhtar chose to use some of the original thoughts from the dummy recording and turned it around to "Kyun Hawa Aaj Yun Gaa Rahi Hai", and added his own expertise in the antras.

This was the first song of Veer-Zaara to be recorded and arranger R.S.Mani put together an impressive orchestra for it including Manohari Singh and other musicians who had earlier played with Madanji in his lifetime. Flutes, santoor, sitar, strokes and a full string section added to the grandeur of the interludes.

The opening prelude to the song was based on yet another unused tune of Madanji, including the alaaps by Lataji.

Sonu Nigam was the obvious choice as male singer as the melody, especially the antras, needed the modulations which he was adept at.

The scale change at the end of the song culminating in Lataji's alaaps, was to create the dramatic effect as per the situation in the film where the hero wakes up from his dream with a start.

Yashji shot this song in his characteristic style in gorgeous locales in Switzerland, adding to the imagery expressed in the song. He also wished to begin the love legend with an ode to love in his own voice. This was especially written and music based on notes of Madanji's two tunes was added to embellish the introduction commentary.

Since only one antra of this song was finally shot and it was used with the titles in the film, it was never used on television promotions etc. and thus remained less heard and viewed than the other songs of the film.

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