The Making of "Main Yahaan Hoon" (VEER-ZAARA 2004)
28 May 2011

‘Jaanam Dekhlo, Main Yahaan Hoon’ became one of the most popular songs of 2004.

The situation was haunting and romantic and probably the only one in the film that could have a light melody which was easy, so could be popular with all ages, since the other songs were heavier or situational.

While many possibly better tunes were available from Madanji's unused lot, Yashji immediately liked this simple melody. The original tune of Madanji, was composed for some sad situation in early 50's, and had a very slow tempo, with sad dummy words... Ab Kisko Kahoon Humdum, Humdum To Mera Begaana Tha.

It was a big challenge to change the entire mood of the original composition to a romantic number. The arrangements were modernized, but once again Indian instruments were used to maintain the old world feel.

The first interlude demanded the use of a traditional well known Punjabi song, recognizable in India as well as Pakistan, as per the situation in the film. It was, thus decided to use the melody of Laung Gavacha for this.

The second melodious interlude was based on another tune of Madanji's, which could make for a haunting song itself.

Udit Narayan was selected for this song, with one requirement. To create a haunting feel, it had to be in a lower scale than he was normally comfortable in. He rehearsed for many days, and despite his repeated requests to increase the scale, he was convinced that he would sound refreshingly different and appealing in this scale... indeed his fans loved his voice in this song.

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