Two songs each from the films "ASLIYAT (1974)" and "JALAN (1978)", now uploaded as snippets in Filmography
24 April 2010

We have located 2 songs each from "ASLIYAT (1974)" and "JALAN (1978)" and added them to the Filmography section for you to hear.

The songs from ASLIYAT are “Armaan se khelte hain” (Asha Bhosle) and “Jhoome baalee dhaan ki” (Mahendra Kapoor and Krishna Kalle), while the JALAN songs are “Aise kyon maara” (Asha Bhosle) and “Mere Honthon ke Jam” (Asha Bhosle and Minoo Purshottam).

Though these are possibly among Madanji's weaker films, these songs are interesting to hear. ASLIYAT songs were recorded much earlier, though the film had a limited release only in 1974. JALAN songs were recorded in early 70’s but the film released only in 1978. The song “Aise kyon maara” was earlier recorded with the words “Dhakka kyon mara”, but due to some censorship issues, had to be rerecorded as “Aise kyon maara”.