Two unreleased full songs sung by Lataji, added for your listening pleasure
24 June 2010

We released 15 unreleased songs of Madanji on the album TERE BAGAIR last year. We have a few more rare unheard songs that we will share with you on the website over the next few months.

After the song "Mere Dilse Aake Lipat Gayi" shared on website in April, we now release two songs not heard before. Both these songs were recorded for the film POOJA KE PHOOL [1964] and both were sung by Lataji.

The first is the earlier recorded version of the popular classic "Meri Aankhon Se Koi Neend". This was recorded and loved by one and all, but something made Madanji want to re-record it. Rais Khan, the noted sitarist, had just been introduced in this song with minimal sitar pieces. Madanji felt he wanted to use more sitar interludes and thus change the arrangements a bit. For this purpose, the entire song had to be redone with Lataji having to re-sing it, as, in those days, the multi track facility did not exist. Thus in this earlier version, which can be heard for the first time, we can hear more of santoor (played by Pandit Shivkumar Sharma). The final released version which we all are familiar with, has no santoor, and has additional 'harkats' by Lataji.

The second song, "Mujhe Apni Ankhiyaan Dede", was recorded for the character of the blind girl, played by Nimmi, singing to her pet bird. After the recording, it was probably felt that the song was not suitable enough, as the situation was changed to feature a pet cat instead. This recording was thus scrapped, and replaced by new lyrics, and a new song, "Miaoon Miaoon Meri Sakhi", which finally featured in the film. This song thus has never been heard before!

The quality of both these songs, as of today, is not up to the mark as they have been located from spool tapes that have suffered extensive damage in the last 5 decades.

However, it makes for interesting listening for Madanji and Lataji fans.

In next few months 2 songs by Rafi saab, 2 songs by Ashaji and 1 song by Kishoreda will also be shared with you on the website.

  • Listen to Meri Aankhon Se Koi Neend
  • Listen to Mujhe Apni Ankhiyaan Dede