Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho, Madanji's memorable song, used in new Coke Ad
25 February 2010

One of the first remixes ever done and to become very popular was "KYA SOORAT HAI" . Not many young listeners were aware that this was a remix of Madanji's hit for Kishore Kumar, "ZAROORAT HAI" from MANMAUJI. He was not even credited on the album for the original tune.

Now the latest Coke ad features a version of the tune of Madanji's hit for Mohd. Rafi "TUM JO MIL GAYE HO" from HANSTE ZAKHM, a tune made 40 years ago.

Indeed a testimony of the lasting impact of well composed melodies, and Madanji's ability to create modern compositions that would be acceptable to today's youngsters as well!

Click here to watch the Coke Ad