WOH BHOOLI DASTAAN... Shaam-e-Madan Mohan: Concert of Madanji's melodies in Kolkata on 17th April, 2011
11 March 2011

SUR SIDDHI, a well known music organization, is hosting an exclusive evening of Madanji's memorable songs WOH BHOOLI DASTAAN... Shaam-e-Madan Mohan on Sunday, 17th April 2011.

This event will be held at the famed auditorium, KALA MANDIR (Shakespeare Sarani), at 6 pm.

Passes can be requested from SUR SIDDHI (Tel. +91 33 24863666) or Mr. Rajesh Sadani (+91 9830215090).

Yet another melodious evening awaits Madanji's fans!

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