Mohd. Rafi Memorial Award posthumously awarded to Madan Mohanji by Rafi Lovers Circle
04 August 2010

At a very well organized and attended event in Kolkata on Sunday 1 August 2010, the Rafi Lovers Circle (RLC) honoured the memory of Madanji by posthumously awarding him the MOHD RAFI MEMORIAL AWARD 2010.

The occasion marked the 30th death anniversary of the legendary, Rafi Saab on 31 July 2010, and also the 35th death anniversary of Madanji earlier in July 2010.

The event was titled REMEMBERING MADAN MOHAN WITH SANJEEV KOHLI... and was organized with immense emotion and care to do justice to the statures of Madanji and Rafi Saab.

Madanji's eldest son, Sanjeev, and only grandson, Akshay, attended the event which was held at the prestigious Satyajit Ray Auditorium at the ICCR in Kolkata.

The evening, compered impeccably by Shakeel Ansari, began with a visual tribute to Rafi Saab, including poignant shots of the saddest day in our lives, 31 July 1980 when the singing legend breathed his last.

One of the highlights of the event, followed next. A special film entitled "MERI AWAZ SUNO... MEMORIES OF MADANJI THROUGH HIS TIMELESS MELODIES SUNG BY RAFI SAAB" was screened... this 22 minute film, featured rare sound bytes by Madanji speaking on some of his creations for Rafi Saab punctuated with rare pictures of them both, as well as tributes to Madanji by his colleagues... each embellished by a hit Rafi - Madan Mohan song, which included Kabhi Na Kabhi, Yeh Duniya Yeh Mehfil, Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho, Humsafar Saath Apna Chhod Chale, Kar Chale Hum Fida, Main Nigahen Tere Chehre Se, Rang Aur Noor Ki Baraat and various others.

The visiting members of Madanji's family were welcomed by Hashim Khan, Convenor of the RLC. The award was then presented to Sanjeev by the President of the RLC, Mrs. Ruhi Khan, after a citation was read out by Sarosh Khan.

Sanjeev, thereafter, gave an emotional insight into his memories of his father as well as the revered singer, including his personal interactions with them both. The audience was very happy to hear the rare emotional anecdotes which were shared with them.

Akshay spoke feelingly on his sentiments for his grandfather, especially, as he had never met him, but had first hand experienced reactions to his music by youngsters of his generation, after the music of VEER-ZAARA (2004), which featured Madanji's tunes.

The presentations were then followed by a concert of Madanji's songs sung by talented singers from Kolkata including, Ruhi Khan, Mita Paul, Rohit Singh, Chandrakant Joshi, Irshad Hussain, Mohd Akhtar, as well as Shakeel Ansari.

Some of the songs performed included the Rafi hits, Tere Dar Pe Aaya Hoon, Teri Aankhon Ke Siwa, Yun Rootho Na Haseena, Aapke Pahloo Mein Akar Ro Diye, Ek Haseen Sham Ko and Zameen Se Hamen Aasmaan Par, as well as other hits like Nainon Mein Badra Chaaye, Lagja Gale Se, Jab Jab Tumhen Bhulaya, Simti Si Sharmayi Si, Aye Dil Mujhe Bata De, Main Yahaan Hoon, Tere Liye and various others.

The RLC did a wonderful job in the organizing of this event... some of the highlights being the large blowups from rare vintage posters of Madanji's films which were used to decorate the auditorium, as well as the Madanji Filmography brochure released on the occasion.

The audience enjoyed every moment of this nostalgic and melodious evening dedicated to the musical legacy of two icons of Indian music.