A 3-minute Video presentation of "Naina Barse" (WOH KAUN THI - 1964) in Madanji's voice, with introduction by Lataji
22 April 2011

The tune of Naina Barse Rimjhim Rimjhim was composed by Madanji in late 40's, but he never found any situation in a film to record it. It was often rejected by the directors who he sang it to.

Many years later, Raj Khosla agreed to try it out as the theme song of the suspense thriller Woh Kaun Thi (1964).

Woh Kaun Thi also had very stunning songs like Lagja Gale Se, Aap Kyon Roye, Shokh Nazar Ki Bijliyan and Chhodkar Tere Pyar Ka Daaman. It was thus a a challenge to create a popular track which,while being romantic, also had to have a lingering and haunting effect, as it appeared in the film in various parts.

Madanji adapted his original tune of many years ago to create this hit song.

This song had to be shot in Shimla where the unit had already arrived. However the recording could not be completed in time as Lataji was unwell for a few days. Madanji decided to sing the song himself, for shooting purposes, and Sadhana had to lip synch to Madanji's voice. It is said that various onlookers at the outdoor shooting wondered what kind of ghost story was being filmed with the heroine singing in a male voice!!

Lataji dubbed the song later, within the limitations of the expressions and synch of what was already shot.

Fortunately, a small part of the recording in Madanji's voice was found on his spools, the rest was erased. This part is heard here.

Lataji recounts how when nominated for the music of Woh Kaun Thi for the popular award of the year, Madanji was disappointed when he did not win it, yet again!


  • View the Video presentation of "Naina Barse" (WOH KAUN THI - 1964), in Madanji's voice, with introduction by Lataji

  • Listen to the audio of Madanji singing "Naina Barse" from WOH KAUN THI (1964).