Various rare songs of Madanji received from admirers
07 June 2010

The Filmography section on the website has 'mukhdas ' of many released songs of Madanji featured, and we have been adding some missing ones from time to time, as we find them. This has been an ongoing effort, as, though we do have source of almost all songs, some of the 78 rpm discs cannot be played anymore. We are very fortunate that through the generosity of some wonderful collectors and admirers, we have recently collected almost 95 of the missing songs. We will share these on the website progressively, over the next few months.

We now are missing the source of only 36 songs.

We have also been sent some rare photographs of Madanji which we will add to the Photo Gallery (under "Golden Moments" section).

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Suresh Rao, Mr. Shabir Rana, Mr. Debopriyo Chakraborty and Mr. Shashank Chickermane for their generosity and willingness to share Madanji's music with his fans at large. Mr. Suresh Rao has shared his entire collection with us.

Mr. Surinder Ahluwalia, an ardent Madanji fan from Calgary (Canada), has sent some specially clicked photos of flowers as an offering of tribute, and we will use some of these on the website soon. His passion for Madanji's music is overwhelming