MADANJI introduces and sings as he composes TUM JO MIL GAYE HO (HANSTE ZAKHM)...
a 5 min. video presentation

11 November 2011

After teaming up with Chetan Anand in HAQEEQAT and HEER RANJHA, Madanji simultaneously worked on the scores of his two next films, HINDUSTAN KI KASAM and HANSTE ZAKHM. Both films had very different themes and required different scores.

At the same time, in 1972, when the music of these two 1973 releases was being worked upon, the industry was witnessing a gradual change in music arrangements... with some western influences coming in, modern sounds being introduced. While Madanji had always, even in the 50s, used a lot of nontraditional arrangements, his melodies and final presentation always had the unmistakable Indian flavour.

In 1972, he worked on PARWANA, in which he presented a largely modern, youthful score.

HANSTE ZAKHM, had interesting song situations... a qawalli, a ghazal, a soft ballad, a dance song... and a very unusual and challenging situation of the expression of love through changing moods and situational progressions for the song Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho.

He decided to have a completely different sound and presentation for this song. Kersi Lord joined him as an arranger for this song to create a song that till today is a marvel for its composition, arrangements and rendition!

Each antra has a different tempo, a different composition and mood, and the arrangements follow this pattern... the guitars, the strings, create a wonderful mood and imagery of the situation.

Kaifi Azmi's lyrics and Rafi Saab's outstanding rendition also make this song memorable.

After the song was recorded as a male solo, the director wished to add a short adlib for the heroine, singing the mukhda, as her acceptance of the love from the hero... Lataji was then requested to sing this one line, when the background music was being done, and this was added into the final song, with sound effects of the sea, clouds, to suit the situation.

When the song was released in 1973, Madanji came in for criticism from his loyal fans and media critics, who alleged that he had also given in to the 'western' influence, and changed his signature style... he was disappointed by this criticism, especially since the same film also had 'Aaj Socha To Aansoo Bhar Aaye', a memorable ghazal!

Today, many years later, this song is considered as 'before its time.' It is a favourite in concerts and always gets encore requests. It was used as the theme of one of the Coca Cola ads recently and is often mentioned as a favourite by music enthusiasts of all generations... once again, Madanji did not witness this appreciation, as it came after he passed away in 1975.


MADANJI introduces and sings as he composes "Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho" (HANSTE ZAKHM - 1973)... a 5 min. video presentation