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Today on 30th of Sept 2004, i have heard the music of VEER-ZAARA for first time. I am unable to tell you how my condition is right now.

I want to tell u something that:- M=MUSIC, M=MADAN MOHAN, M=MAGICIAN.

This music magician HON'BLE MADAN MOHAN has given us all eternal music that we can never forget. UNBELIVABLE MUSIC. I want to THANK YOU for giving us the present of our lifetime. THANK YOU YASH JI once again.

- Jitendra Jojawar (Jodhpur, India)

If there were any words to describe the music of the film, those words have to be created specially for this kind of magic named "Veer-Zaara". In this world of remixes, this album further accentuates the meaning of the phrase "Old is Gold". Ever since I heard the first song of Veer-Zaara, "Tere Liye", I could not go to the next song at all. The music was so haunting I had it playing in my ears throughout the day.

"Aisa Des Hai Mera" is a song that has become one of the closest to my heart. Listening to the music made me feel so proud to be an Indian. No other country would have a song such as this, which touches the heart.

Sanjeevji has done wonders to the music while recreating it. The Making of the music is the best anyone has offered in Indian music. The transformation of a tune into a song is mesmerizing. Rarely does anyone know how the music was created and the path followed thereafter. Such music truly comes once in a lifetime... I hope Yash Raj makes many more of such wonders...

- Prakash Nambiar (India)

Listening to Veer-Zaara music 1st time, automatically brought tears to my eyes, although I do not understand all the words, (still learning from English subtitles), there is no doubt in my mind that this FILM + MUSIC will capture the hearts of Billion's all over the World. This movie is definitely going to be the biggest blockbuster for 2004. Thanks Yash Uncle for providing us (Indian Community) with the best & greatest in Entertainment within the Indian Film Industry. I pray for your whole Family to continue all the good work until eternity.

- Yasmin Moorad (SOUTH AFRICA)

Elegant... elegant words are shortened to describe the elegancy of veer-zaara's music. in fact great creativity by yash ji and lata ji and by late madan mohan jii of course. i do feel this is the best ever music i have ever heard in indian film industry . i feel this is great piece of work or masterpiece by yash ji. i m waiting for this films release. i am hundred n one percent sure about this film's success. thanks a lot yash ji for providing such serene and soulful music for us.

- kamran khan (new delhi, india)

Yes, I am obsessed with music and movies to an extreme extent. Every new album I like, I hear it until people around me promise to break my CD/cassette or laptop for that instance if they have to hear it again.

Well, a year back it was 'Kal ho naa ho' and this year its 'Veer Zaara'. I had two heavy weeks of studies and last weekend I decided to relax and treat myself. After lot of thinking, I spent 11$ and bought the Veer Zaara CD. I had seen the promos once and then listened to a couple of songs on online but then decided to buy the CD.

Well, it's absolutely amazing what Yashji and Latadi have done with Madan Mohan's unused tunes. The first song Tere Liye with Roop Kumar Rathod instead of the regular udit narayan or sonu nigam tells you that this album would be slightly different. Lata has done more than justice to the album as she hides her age very well with her still so young and melodious voice. The lyrics are absolutely amazing of all songs, not to mention that Javed Akhtar is the lyricist.

Well, we have had many romantic movies but if you start listening to some albums from your old rack of mp3s or dust laden cassettes you shall find that some of them do not have the charm that was there except for some movies like Pardes, Taal, DDLJ, etc which are undoubtedly classics of the 90s.

Veer Zaara would be joining the rack soon with new albums and movies coming in but it would be amongst the classics. You can feel the love in songs like 'Yeh hum aa gaye hain kahan' and also pain in the qawali 'Aaya tere dar par'. The haunting love in 'Main Yahan hoon' will make you realize that you are in love with the album. The 'Lodi' song brings you in a festive mood and makes you wish to be amidst a celebration in the heart of India. There are two surprises, Yash Chopra's voice and Gurdas Mann... both amazing.

Well, not that I am a salesman on behalf of Yashraj films but being a die hard fan of Yash Chopra movies, ardent follower of Shahrukh's romantic movies, in love with Rani Mukherjee's smile and a fanatic as far as listening to lyrics of a song are concerned, I wanted to share my reviews on this album with you all music lovers.

- Hiren Bhinde (San Diego, CA, USA)

Really music that comes once in a life time. It is the best of the best. Madan mohan did a very nice job in his lifetime & javed akhtar has written great lyrics. It is the best.

- Ahmed Mujtaba (Karachi, Pakistan)

The music is lovely. But everytime Roop Kumar Rathod or Udit Narayan started a line, I couldn't help but imagine Mohd Rafi's magical voice. Udit and Roop Kumar are OK, but Sonu Nigam and Jagjit Singh are wonderful. Lata Mageshkar - Now she has been Madan Mohan's voice for years now... so, in that sense, she deserved these songs too. But the magic of the earlier Lata is definitely missing. But, IT IS WONDERFUL to hear the GREAT MAN once again after superb compositions from Mera Saaya, Dastak (that is my favourite), Adaalat, etc. Who can forget songs like Tum jo mil gaye ho, Main yeh sochkar uske dar se utha tha, Hai isi mein pyaar ki aabroo, Maai Ri, Tumse kahoon ek baat? One only wishes that the lyricist and the singers had done more justice to the maestero behind the songs! The Qawwali though, is wonderful. All in all, a wonderful album for a collection. Hats off to Yash Chopra to try out something like this. I would love to hear some more like this.

IPSSL (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

dear yash uncle, first i want to say you that you are genius... you don't know what you have done... you have given the most beautiful gift to the new generation... the music of VEER-ZAARA is out of this world... thanks once again!

- yatin (bhayandar, india)

The music of VEER-ZAARA is just amazing. I and my husband have fallen in love with its music. My favourite numbers are "Tere Liye", "Do pal", "Yeh hum aa gayen hain kahan" and all the other ones also. Wonderful work by the entire team.

- nandini haricharan

Yash Chopra's level of music is always been astonishing for music lovers India and offshore.... Being music created by late Madan Mohan, the Expectations with VEER-ZAARA was much higher this time.... Music is fantastic and specially tailored for situational songs .. i think which will work according to the pace of the movie... But still its a bitter to accept that with this album from yash raj camp & from fan side, we missed the intoxicating lyrics of late Anand Bakshi...

Its my advice being yash raj fan for years.... "sir, please add late madan mohan's voice in your movie introduction part, in remembrance of late madan mohan after your logo animation starts in the start of the movie...".

Waiting this Diwali to see Yashraj's next milestone... well what's aditya next project? please reproduce the success and make a emotional and entertaining package like DDLJ again...

- Rohan Rajan (Bhopal (M.P), India )

Veer-Zaara music is the biggest hit music of the year.

- subrata saha (feni, bangladesh)

Am absolutly amazed at the magnitudinal effect of the film and the music, although the film isnt even out yet. once again yash chopra has created another masterpiece in classical music.

- Mohamed Saleh (South Africa)

i like ur every film with ur great hard work. i have listened to the music of ur latest film veer-zaara, its very great, i have listened to it 22 times. good wishes from me. may god give a long tife to u and lata ji.

- vikram singh (bathinda (punjab), india)

Salam yash jee... Congratulations, wow u will again leave an unfinishable moment on minds with your music. first when i heard about this movie, i thought u will again use music by Uttam Singh but, what a legend u r.. ur choice of the great late madan mohan gives again a chance for sweet melody in evry song of this film... wow. I really like TERE LIYE HUM JIYE. We pray for ur success!

- Fahad Najeeb Bannu (Pakistan)

Wow!! what melodious music veer-zaara has! It reminds of the old times with a fresh feel! It's just mind blowing! I'm just dying to see the movie!

- Pratik

The songs from Veer-Zaara are fab. I bought the cd n cant stop myself from listening over n over again... I want to make a request... Can you make the songs to "instrumental" also. I am sure everyone wld like it. Please please...

- sunita (singapore)

Oh my god... the songs... the trailer... everything is sooooooooo cooooooool... awwww... I'm really happy... and I'm really excited to see the movie... Yash raj is a super Producer... and I luv all his films with shahrukh khan... he is a really hard working man... and all his films are blockbusters... i'm really speechless.... wooooow! keep it up Yash jee.

- Dunya

I recently got the original Audio CD of Veer-Zaara. What to say man???!! It is a terrific album!! A truly marvellous effort from the genius, Yash Chopra!! I salute him in his effort to give the magic of Madan Mohan. I am a lover of fast paced music but I gave this album a go because of my hero, SRK. But this album seems to be changing my music taste in a big way!! I love each and every song in this movie!! Though Lataji is well past her best, she does a fairly decent job! All the very best and I really wish the movie to be a resounding success!!

- Sai Anand (OH, USA)

yeh lamhe zindgi me ek baar aayenge, aur zindgi bhar ke liye log inhe dil me basayenge, yeh nagme VEER-ZAARA ke ek baar aayenge aur zindgi bhar log unhe gungunayenge, dard unme aisa hai ki sun ke ankhon se aasu chalak jaayenge, jinko zuban se kehna mushquil nazar aata ho, woh ahsaas saare kuch shabdon se jhalak jaayenge, jo apne hi desh me reh ke apne desh ko bhulaye baithe hai unhe apne desh ki yaad dilayenge, aaj laila-majnu ki sunte hai hum, kal logon ko VEER-ZAARA ki sunayenge, unka naam ithihaas me hai aur VEER-ZAARA ek naya ithihaas banayenge, deep to har diwali pe jalte hai par is diwali ko yash ji yaadgaar banayenge, dekhegi duniya saari ki woh pakistan ki ZAARA ko hindustaan ke VEER se milayenge, yeh milan ka nazara aisa hoga ki log dushmani ka naam bhool jayenge.

- amit agarwal

Relaxing and soothing music. Eagerly waiting for the movie to release this Diwali. Really awesome music!

- Ekta Khosla (MD, USA)

Jab se veerzaara ke music ke ane ki khabar suni to socha tha aisa hoga vaisa hoga par ye nahi pata tha ki aisa hoga ki use main shabdon me hi nahi dhal paunga. Sunta hu to lagta hai ki aaj bhi yash uncle ne music ko zinda rakha hai. Jab yash uncle aur lata ji milte hain to sangeet banta hai par is baar to yash uncle ne madan ji ke jaane ke 30 saal baad unko zinda karke itihas hi rach diya. 'Silsila' ke kareeb 20 saal baad yash uncle ne javed sahab ko chuna. Uncle ki is team ne woh kar dikhaya jise sangeet premi kabi bhulenge nahi. Meri har sans me veerzaara ka sangeet ghul chuka hai. Har geet ka varnan karne ke liye to is dharti par shabd hi nahi hai. Cd1 aur CD2 me pehli baar is mahan insaan ki awaaz mere liye ek saubhagya hai. Main thanx karta hu yrf site jisne mujhe apni baat kehne ka mauka diya. I am mad about YASH UNCLE. Ye hain to films hai. Main har din yahi dua karta hu ki bhagwan UNCLE ko lambi umar de. Ab to bas sirf 12 november Ka intezar hai.

- Navneet Agarwal (Jaipur, India)

Simple n yet stunning... dats wat yash chopra shahrukh khan n veer zaara are all about... the music is so soulful n so melodious it just tends to bring dreams to life... appreciative...really appreciative...!!!

- atul bansal

With music from the treasure trove of the legendary late Madan Mohan, which has been creatively remastered by his son Sanjeev Kohli, this film promises to make musical history, and will take you back in time. With lyrics like the following from the song Tere Liye, you get a sense of the romantic fervour expressed between Veer and Zaara. 'Tere liye hum hain jiye honton ko siye. Tere liye hum hain jiye har aansoon piye. Dil mein magar jalte rahe chaahat ke diye tere liye, tere liye'. (I live for you with my lips sealed. I live for you swallowing all my tears. But in my heart the lamp of desire still glows for you, for you).

Thank you for making such wounderful love-stories!

- Judi Silva

I have worshiped Madan Mohan and his music for the last 45 years. I believe I heard his music for the first time in the movie RAILWAY PLATFORM and the song Basti Basti Parbat Parbat by Mohammed Rafi sat in my mind as something very superior.

Then I heard Madan Mohan in AASHIANA, MADHOSH and the very first song between Lata and Madan Mohan was - More Piya Se Koi - it is a jewel and will be for ever. Every song in BHAI BHAI (1956) is memorable. While Talat Mehmood has sung enormous songs in our country, his best definitely was - Meri Yaad Main Tum Na Ansoo Bahana in Madhosh. The use of the strings at the start was something only the GREAT ONE could do. Likewise, the best song by Mukesh Chand was - Preet Laga Ke Main Ne Yeh Dhan Paya, under the direction of the Great One in his first movie - AANKHEN.

I heard Lata and Madan Mohan again in SAMUNDER - Aaaja Kahin Se Aaaja - This is not even a song - it is magic beyond magic. At the age of 20 in 1958, I was passing through a street in Jullundur and heard the following song in a shop radio - Meri Veena Tum Bin Roye - Lata in DEKH KABIRA ROYA. It is this song that got engraved in my head as the very best. The Great One surpassed himself in the delivery of this song and our Lata was magnificient, as always. I adore the SAMUNDER song just as much.

I, then started my research in the works of the Great One and now at age 66, I am more devoted to him than ever before. The man was simply unique, lives in my heart and what Lata and the Great One created is history, unmatchable by anyone and will NEVER happen again.

I have personally suffered the pain Madan Mohan must have gone through to get the recognition that he DID deserve and because I know that he left in disappointment, that pain has lingered on in me ever since he left us.

When I got the two part CD of the new movie VEER-ZAARA, I heard the new songs first, got to know them but when I heard the 2nd CD and the voice of the Great One, singing, manoueving tunes, emphasising words, which he was very good at, I just broke down in total awe over the magic, the man had in his delivery and I do ask all listerners to listen carefully to the CD that has the singing by Madan Mohan himself and that would tell the listners, what the Great One is all about.

I am so close to the Great One that I can see him. I had a dream not too long ago, in which I saw Madan Mohan, dressed in a jacket and tie conducting an orchestra. His back was towards the orchestra, which was fairly long in lay out, but not very wide. I was able to see him very very clearly and kneeled down to touch his feet, which he allowed me to. After that it all disappeared.

Lata, Gurdas Mann, Udit Narayan, Roop Kumar Rathod and the few other singers that there are have done extremely well in the new movie VEER-ZAARA. There is the usual magic of the Great One in there. The songs are thoughtfully written by Javed Akhtar.

My wife of 43 years is a lady of unique decisions and I wanted to get her input. Saturday mornings, we go to the Hindu Temple, which is about 1/2 hour away. I recorded the two CD's on to a tape. The idea was to let her hear the songs, in the sequence that, I believe, she would like best. While driving, I started the tape with the Lodi song, followed by Yeh Desh Hai Mera and so on it went. We reached the Mandir; nothing was said. We drove back and her request was that she wanted to have lunch. We drove towards the restaurant and then kicked in the recording of the 2nd CD, with the voice of the Great One. The lady listened for a while and then asked me, who the male singer was - referring to the Great One. I evaded the answer, just to see, how much interest one could generate. Then again - Who is it ? I said that she did know the person very well and that she had to guess, who the singer is. She said - Is it Mehdi Hassan - I said No. Then the question was, it is S.D. Burman and I said No. Is this Pankhaj Mullick and I still said NO. She got extremely mad at me and yelled at me that she wanted to know who the person was.

I could not take her anger any more. Then I asked her - Who do I LOVE THE MOST? She said - Is this Madan Mohan and my reply was that yes that is indeed the voice of Madan Mohan. My wife said to me that she never knew that Madan Mohan could sing and my reply was that the Great One is the BEST THERE IS, THE BEST THERE WAS & THE BEST THERE EVER WILL BE. This was Saturday September 25 2004 at about 1.30 P.M. I ask everyone to listen to the magic of the Great One. This is probably the last time we will be able to hear him. Lata Mangeshkar has put in a lot of effort to provide us with 9 songs and I feel that the hard work of all those involved, Sanjeev Kohli, Yash Chopra, Lata Mangeshkar, Javed Akhtar, Gurdas Maan + the others will give some peace and solace to the Great One. He left us in disappointment and as Lata, very wisely says, they have all tried very hard to revive his work and when she says that she can feel the Great One standing by her side, teaching her singing, I BELIEVE IT. I personally can feel the presense of the Great One and can see him.

Lata Mangeshkar means the same to me as does the Great One. I think of these two loves of my life, along with the 3rd one - Raj Kapoor constantly. They are the ones, who delivered perfection in my life. I like to say thanks to Yash Chopra for his work in giving us this magic one more time and with that I do wish the new movie well.

Through your medium, may I ask you to deliver my good wishes to Lata Mangeshkar on her birthday - September 28. Lata is our pride.

- Surinder K Ahluwalia (CALGARY - Alberta Canada)

Please accept my heartiest compliments for Veer-Zaara. But I do have one question for Yash Uncle. How do you do it? Not only just the album, this film has the best of everything. Combine Yash uncle's experience and Late Madan Mohanji's extraordinary melodies with Javed Sahab's awesome Lyrics, "THE NIGHTANGLE" Lataji's voice, Udit Narayan, Sonu Nigam, Roop-Kumar Rathod and then we have THE TALENT of Shah Rukh Khan, Priety Zinta and Rani Mukharjee that gives us the result of Veer-Zaara. It is simply a combination of Experience, Simple Music, a Nightangle's Voice and Talent. No one can beat that! Another best part of the music CD was the poem by Aditya Chopra that is written in the CD packet. I had tears in my eyes when I read it. I would also like to say that I had an experience when I was listening to the song "Aisa Des Hai Mera". I recently got back from India and miss my country a lot and the song just made me cry. I love that song along with the "Tere Liye", "Do Pal" and "Hum to Bhai Jaise Hain."

Thank You so very much for such a precious gift and letting us experience the film through the music without having watched the film.

- Rabia Beg (Maryland, USA)

I was waiting for this cassette since one year. I am a big fan of U and Shahrukh. This cassette released on 18th but I fail to get it on same day at my hometown, so I rushed to Hyderabad which is 120 kms away from Bidar and it was fully worth the trip. All my friends are happy to hear these beautiful, melodious songs. We enjoyed 2 and half hour return journey with these songs. Thank you Yashji for giving us a very good album. All our friends are eagerly waiting for Deepawali to celebrate with VEER-ZAARA.

- Munesh (Bidar, Karnataka, India)

A truly wonderful piece of work from the late Madan Mohan and Sanjeev Kohli did a wonderful job in carefully recreating his father's work. I really loved every single song from the CD. Thousands of thanks to the legend Lata for singing her brother's work and thousands of Thanks to Yashji for having a wonderful vision. Can't wait for the film!!!

- Dinesh Kumar (Los Angeles, USA)

The music of VEER-ZAARA is great, Fantastic... I don't have words to describe this album. I have become so addicted to the album that i hear atleast 10 times a day. Thank you Sir for providing us such great music and we all know that only you can do it. I'm quite confident that the movie will be also as great as its music. Thank you once again.

- Venkat (Mumbai, India)

I am also one of the Yash Raj Movie Lovers across the border from Pakistan. Excellent Light Melodious Music, Veer-Zaara is a hit before release, No Doubt and No Questions since its a Yash Raj Film. Of course Good Muzik, Beautiful Lyrics & Mind Blowing Rythms. Best Of Luck Yash Raj Films and Keep on Going...

- Mohammad Ghayoor Rana (Pakistan)

I just want to tell that the music of "Veer-Zaara" is totally awesome. I just fell in love with it when I heard the music for the first time. The track "Tere Liye" is extra-ordinary. It's just fabulous. I would like to thank MR.YASH CHOPRA for giving us such a lovely soundtrack and also want to thank everybody who are related with it's music. Thank you very much for giving us the mind-blowing music of the film. Now I am just waiting for the film. Thank you once again.

- Sucharita Ghosh (Kolkata, India)

The Late Madan Mohanji's music is absolutely out of this world, it truly is 'music that will never come again'. All the best for Veer-Zaara... the promos look promising and i do look forward to watching it.

- Raji Heer (West Midlands, UK)

"The Making of the CD" is priceless. The blending of the original compositions with today's state of the art sound recording is absolutely fantastic. As for the soundtracks...all eleven are great. The qawali is an audio treat.

Thank you, Mr. Yash Chopra! And thank you again for selecting Lata Mangeshkar to sing the songs.


I have to commend everyone on revival of Madanjii's music. I am 26 now and have only heard his music from his older creations. I am a big fan so is everyone in the family. I would like to thank Yashji and Sanjeevji for helping in the music. I am sure that the movie is going to be great cause it is directed by Yashji. We all will be waiting for the release in Diwali. Thank you Thank a million so such melodious music, great lyrics and Lataji has given a great performance.

- Ashish Patel (MI, USA)

Lata Mangeshkar sounds better at 75 than all younger singers. Her voice in "Do Pal" touched my heart and made me cry. Lata critics be damned. The bonus song "Tum Paas Aa Rahe Ho" although good would be too slow for film inclusion. However Lataji's solo "Jaane Kyon" is a gem that should be filmed on Hema Malini.

I would have liked to hear more of Lata's voice in the movie but then this is a movie with lead SRK on whom there would be greater focus. Lataji has given her best in this album and I wish her a very Happy 75th birthday. Hers is a voice that still touches the heart. I had to just listen to the songs once to instantly fall in love. Paisa

Vasool. Worth every cent. The songs of Veer-Zaara should remain on top of all music charts.

Every music lover should buy this album. I know that with Yashji's direction the songs will become even more enjoyable after the movie's release. This is the movie I am waiting to see.

- Nazir Patel (Ontario, Canada)

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