Two unreleased full songs by Rafi Saab can be heard for the first time on the Madan Mohan website
29 July 2010

To mark the 35th death anniversary of Madanji on 14th July, and the 30th death anniversary of Rafi Saab on 31st July, we are featuring a rare treat for their fans.

Two unheard, unreleased songs are being launched on the website today.

Earlier the album, TERE BAGAIR, had a veritable treat for Rafi fans with 7 unreleased songs of Rafi Saab, composed by Madanji, featured therein.

Two more such songs were also recorded in their lifetime, but remained unreleased as the respective films were shelved, and details of the songs remain unknown.

The first song, Ya Illahi, Ek Haseena Ne Machai Hai Tabahi, is a naughty frothy number sung by Rafi Saab in his inimitable style. This song was probably recorded in the mid sixties and was located by the Madan Mohan family from his master spools. It was never included on Tere Bagair, for want of space, and also as it's not a song in the typical style associated with Madanji and loved by his fans. Its different, and a situational number. But it's a rare treasure indeed for lovers of the light songs of Rafi Saab.

The second song Har Sapna Ek Din Toote, Is Duniya Mein, is a philosophical song recorded in the early 70's. It is a tune in the Madanji style, but once again a situational song, sung with great emotion by Rafi Saab. The cross of the song, "Har Saathi Ek Din Chhoote Is Duniya Mein" rings true for Madanji and Rafi Saab, both of whom left the music world so early in the prime of their careers.

  • Listen to Ya Illahi, Ek Haseena Ne Machai Hai Tabahi
  • Listen to Har Sapna Ek Din Toote, Is Duniya Mein

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